Godzilla & Kong collaboration in PUBG Mobile (*Hints)


PUBG Mobile has added some hints in Erangle and Sanhok map regarding Godzilla and Kong collaboration. These changes are made in accordance with the new Hollywood movie Godzilla vs Kong that is going to be released on March 31, 2021. Its official trailer also has been released by Warner Bros. 

Godzilla and Kong collaboration Hints in Erangle map of PUBG Mobile

Gigantic Creature Footprints

You can find some hints in the PUBG Mobile Erangle map. You can find a footprint of something gigantic creature near the School building on the Erangle map. 

By looking at those footsteps, it can be guessed that those footsteps belong to Godzilla. Right now you can find only one big footstep engraved on the earth near the School building.

Crashes and Scratches on Building 

You can also find some kind of crashes on the wall of the School building. Do remember that this is the same school building by near which you find footstep of something Gigantic Creature. 

Other than this you can also find some scratches on the wall of a building in Yasnaya Polyana. These small hints point towards the Godzilla and Kong fight.  

Godzilla and Kong collaboration Hints in Sanhok map of PUBG Mobile

Huge chains near Bootcamp & Bhan

You can also find some hints in Sanhok Map of Pubg Mobile. You will find some huge chains near Bhan on Sanhok Map. These huge chains point towards the same chains in Godzilla vs Kong movie. Such chains are also used to tie up Kong in movie. You will also find a small baby Kong near these chains in Bhan, Sanhok Map.

Same kind of chains can also be find near on Bootcamp in Sanhok near the road.

Some Huge Bones and Ribs

Moreover, You can also find some huge bones and some ribs near Paradise Resort in Sanhok Map. These huge bones also seem to belong to some gigantic creature. 

Godzilla vs Kong Director Confirms Collaboration

During PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary, Godzilla vs Kong movie director Adam Wingard congratulated PUBG Mobile for its birthday and he said,

“Happy birthday to PUBG Mobile and a special hello to all you PUBG Mobile players out there. I’m Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla vs Kong. It’s a pleasure to join you in celebration of the third anniversary of one of the most popular mobile games in the world. As you may have heard Godzilla vs Kong will be released on March 31st and is my gift to you we’re making a brand new mode available that will give PUBG Mobile players a special encounter with both Godzilla and Kong. Get ready for all the action and once again happy third anniversary to PUBG Mobile.”

So, it is clear now that PUBG Mobile is going to announce special mode with Godzilla vs Kong collaboration in the game. You may get a special Game Mode, Guns Skins and Suits.

Godzilla & Kong in PUBG Mobile 1.4 Update

It can also be said that some special sort of gameplay regarding Godzilla and Kong in PUBG Mobile will be introduced in the 1.4 update. Only you will see mere some changes in maps but also human notice some new Guns Skins and Sets related to Godzilla and Kong after the 1.4 update. 


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