PUBG Mobile Launches B Duck World Tour Event


There is a new event in PUBG Mobile names as (B) Duck World Tour. If you are a PUBG Mobile player from a long time then you must have known that PUBG announces events regularly for rewards.

Here below are the details of this B Duck World Tour Event.

B Duck Event Details

Here is the official notice for this B Duck event created by PUBG Mobile,

  1. Event Period: 2.24-3.07
  2. Get one B Duck Gas Can from the daily first log-in event page. Complete classic matches while in the team with friends to get up to 8.B Duck gas Cans every day.
  3. Use one Gas Can to move B Duck forward a space, each map has some special events!
  4. After finishing one map tour, a postcard can be unlocked, a special reward, and the permanent Common Kid Set.
  5. Events reward will be sent to your inventory directly, there may be a delay before it appears in your inventory.

Event Start & End Date

PUBG Mobile B Duck World Tour Event is going to start on February 24, 2021, and it will end on March 07, 2021. You need to collect maximum Gas Cans every day and move the B Duck forward by one unit again and again to unlock your special reward for this event.

After March 07, all of your progress will be lost corresponding to this event and your Gas Cans will also be expired.

B Duck Air-Drops on PUBG Maps

If you have played PUBG Mobile after February 24, then you might notice that there are some B Duck points on the Map in the start of every Classic Match.

If you start a classic match in Erangle Map, you will notice some Yellow Duck Points on your Map. That is also a part of this special B Duck World Tour Events.

B Duck Airdrops Loot

You can go to these B Duck Points on the map. All of these B Ducks will be appearing in the water and you can land over there to loot the special yellow-color B Duck Airdrop.

In this Airdrop, you can find a gun with ammo. Sometimes, you might get M24, M762, UZI, M416 etc. Also be assured that these are hot airdrops and you may face enemies rush there also.

Is it worth to loot a B Duck Airdrop in PUBG Mobile?

No, B Duck Airdrops do not have a lot to offer you. You can only find a single gun over there that you can find in the normal loot also, for example, M24, UZI, M416, M762, Vector, Kar98k, etc. You will find special guns like AWM, MK14, AUG A3, etc only in normal Airdrops or summoned by Flaregun.


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