PUBG Mobile Invisible Glitch is Affecting Players Globally


There is a new PUBG Mobile Glitch circling among the PUBG Mobile players. A player gets invisible and opponents can not see it. Check all your questions answered here such as how this Invisible Glitch happens?, can you make yourself invisible? and is it ok to be invisible using Glitch in PUBG Mobile?

Bugs and Errors are a part of every program. Whenever there is an update of something, there are chances of bugs also. With the start of PUBG Mobile 1.2 Update, PUBG Corp. added Runic Power Event in Erangle (PUBG default map). And, this glitch is also created by one of the power from the Runic Power event.

What is Invisible Glitch in PUBG Mobile?

If you have played PUBG Mobile in a few recent days, you might notice someone invisible man or squad in any vehicle or your opponent just killed you and this seems almost impossible to you at that moment. Well, this is all because of this glitch. when there is Invisible Glitch with a player, you can not see him in the vehicle.

Vehicle will look like if it is empty but there is a player but you can not see him and you can not give him damage too.

Can I make myself Invisible by Glitch?

Yes, you can make yourself invisible by the usage of this glitch but it is never recommended. Check below how you can make yourself invisible and why you should not use it.

It is not a big deal now to be invisible with this current glitch.

How to do PUBG Invisible Glitch?

If you have played PUBG Mobile after the 1.2 update then you might know about the Runic Power event. And, this glitch is caused by one of those Powers, Ice Walls.

If you want to produce this glitch then perform below steps,

  1. Select Erangle Map with Runic Power
  2. Start a Classic Match
  3. Choose Arctic Power- Third One (Ice Walls and Freezing Ammo)
  4. Find a vehicle
  5. Create an ice wall as close as possible to the vehicle
  6. Enter the vehicle and now you are invisible

Just make sure that you create a wall as close as possible to the vehicle. For this, you can stand on the vehicle and then can place an ice wall on any two side tires (either left or right). Or, you can stand very close to the vehicle as your back is attached to vehicle and then create an ice wall on your feet.

Is it Good to use Invisible Glitch?

We will never recommend you to play the game by using this Invisible Glitch. And, if you did not produce it and face this type of glitch automatically then it is recommended to exit the vehicle first and enter again. Hope so, it will remove this glitch otherwise it is suggested to restart your game.

If you play game with this glitch your PUBG ID may get banned for a particular period.

How can my PUBG ID get banned by Invisible Glitch?

As your opponent can not see you but you can see them as normal in a game. You can damage them with guns but they can not damage you as they can not see you. If you play with this glitch and kill your opponents in a situation that seems almost impossible. Definitely, your opponents will report you as Cheater and Hacker. And, PUBG may ban your account.

I myself reported a player ID who was using Invisible Glitch and its ID was banned right after 48 hours.

Have you ever saw such type of glitch in PUBG? Do let me know in comments.


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