How to Buy PUBG C1S1- M1 (Season 20) Royal Pass (Is It Worth Buying)?


Pubg Mobile C1S1 (Season 20) is not released worldwide yet. PUBG Mobile players will be able to enjoy C1S1 with PUBG 1.5 Update. In this guide, I will explain how to buy PUBG Mobile C1S1 (Season 20) Royal Pass and is it worth buying? 

So let’s get started,

Top 3 Ways to Buy Season 20 Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile

If you are planning to buy PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal pass or you want to buy some Unknown Cash- UC then you need to know the top 3 Ways to do it. 

Here below is the list of the top 3 ways to buy Unknown Cash- UC or Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile Season 20.

  1. Google Play store (Google Pay)
  2. Midasbuy
  3. Third-party services
PUBG Mobile Season 20- Royal Pass & UC Purchase

Buy from Google Play Store via Google Pay

Buying PUBG Mobile C1S1 (Season 20) Royal Pass or Unknown Cash is super easy by Google Pay. 

Follow these steps given below to buy from the Google Play store.

  1. Go to Season 20 RP Section
  2. Click on “Upgrade Pass”
  3. Choose “Elite Pass” or “Elite Pass Plus”
  4. Now, you will be asked to confirm the purchase, click on “Ok”
  5. If you do not have enough UC, click on buy.
  6. Click to “Switch to Google Pay”, if it is not already selected.
  7. Now, click on the 600 UC pack and confirm your purchase in the Google Play Store in-app purchase popup.

That’s how you can buy PUBG mobile C1S1 Royal Pass or UC by Google Pay. 

Buy from Midasbuy

If you are facing any kind of problem in buying PUBG Mobile C1S1 Royal Pass from the  Google Play store then you can choose another option which is Midasbuy. On Midasbuy, you can purchase PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash- UC by your local payment methods. Follow the below-given steps to buy Royal Pass or Unknown Cash from Midasbuy,

  • Go to Season 20 RP section
  • Click on Upgrade Pass
  • Choose Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus
  • Now, you will be asked to confirm the purchase, click on “Ok”
  • If you do not have enough UC, click on buy.
  • Click on “switch to other payment methods”
  • Now select 600 UC package and you will be redirected to Midasbuy’s official website.
  • Select your 600 UC package there and enter your PUBG Mobile player ID to receive the purchased UC.
  • Select any of the available payment methods and enter your details to confirm your purchase from Midasbuy.

Buy from Third Party Service

You can also buy PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash- UC from third-party services. You can choose any of the third-party services to purchase UC from them and utilize these purchased UC to buy PUBG mobile C1S1 Royal pass. 

Sometimes you are charged with some extra fee also for purchasing PUBG UC from them. You need to be very careful about it and you have to pay only as per the official rates of PUBG UC. I am not going to mention any of these third-party websites but you can choose any one of the available trusted services.

Is it worth buying PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal Pass?

All PUBG Mobile players have their different choice and taste. Most of the guys want to have some fancy and stunning Sets in Royal Pass and others want to have some fantastic emotes.

Royal Pass Rewards’ interest varies from one player to another. You have the complete list of PUBG Mobile C1S1 Rewards and you can decide whether to buy its Royal Pass or not. But, here is my opinion about C1S1 (Season 20) Royal Pass.

I would recommend you to buy this royal pass because it will be worth buying. You are going to get quite a beautiful mythic set with an emote named “HAHAHA”. You will also get gun skin of AUG along with the skin of SLR which seems quite beautiful. The best part of the whole RP is the stunning sets that are going to be a part of PUBG C1S1 RP. And, this RP is also the first one of its kind because of the new series started by PUBG.

Your common Questions Answered

What is the price of the PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal Pass (Elite Pass & Elite Pass Plus)?

You will get the exact price in your own local currency. But, you can have an estimate of it by converting 4.99 USD to your local currency. You can buy 360 UC for 4.99 USD from Google Pay or Midasbuy and then can buy Elite Pass by using 360 UC. And, similarly, you can buy Elite Pass Plus for 12.99 USD.

Should I buy PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal Pass (Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus)?

Well, it depends upon your interest. If you liked the C1S1 (Season 20) RP Rewards then you should buy Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus. To be honest, PUBG Mobile C1S1- Season 20 Royal Pass is worth buying because of the new mythic sets and gun skins. Its price is also low as compared to previous Royal Passes.

How to buy PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal Pass at very cheap rate?

Well, I have mentioned the standard rates above. If someone is offering you PUBG UC to buy Royal Pass for Season 20 at a very cheap rate then keep remembering that it might be a scam. Most of the guys provide UC at a cheap rate by Carding and in this way, your PUBG ID may get banned.

What is PUBG Mobile C1S1- M1 Royal Pass?

The prior era of PUBG Mobile has ended and PUBG Mobile has decided to start a new series with tons of great features. A new Royal Pass is also announced which is not likely named as Season X like other previous but C1S1. Here, C1 means Chapter 1 and S1 Season 1 which is more likely Chapter 1, Season 1. And, there are two parts of this Royal Pass which are M1 and M2. M1 will cover your RP from 1 to 50 while M2 will cover your RP from 50 to 100. The whole duration for PUBG Mobile C1S1 will be 2 months.

What is PUBG Mobile Tek Era (*C1S1)?

The official name of the very first royal pass of the new series of PUBG Mobile, Chapter 1, Season 1– C1S1 is Tek Era. In Tek Era, there are two sub passes which will be named M1 and M2.

And, what is your current RP in Season 19? Do let me know in comments. I have maxed my RP in season 19 🙂



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