How to download PUBG 1.3 Beta Update (Global Version APK)


With the release of new PUBG updates, we can see various new features and improvements in the game. With the release of PUBG 1.2 Update, Runic Power was introduced in Erangle (PUBG default map). Not only security improvements are found with PUBG Update but Rewards, New Features, and Maps are also introduced.

First, it was mandatory to get a 1.3 Update Beta invitation to download it but now this is not the condition set by PUBG Mobile anymore. So, let’s see how you can download this PUBG 1.3 Beta Update in Mobile and Emulator (Gameloop).

Download PUBG 1.3 Beta Update APK

You need to follow these steps to download the PUBG 1.3 Beta Update APK file,

  1. Click here to go to PUBG Mobile official website
  2. Click on “Download Android Version”
  3. Complete the download and save it on your phone storage

How to install PUBG 1.3 Beta Update APK?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to install the 1.3 Beta Update, you downloaded by following above steps.

  1. Go to settings enable “Unknown Sources”
  2. Open the APK File of 1.3 Beta Update
  3. Let the installation complete
  4. Open newly installed PUBG 1.3 Beta
  5. Download Resource Packs
  6. Open Guest Account

That’s it, you are done with it. Now you can enjoy PUBG 1.3 Beta Update

Download PUBG 1.3 Beta Update in Emulator (Gameloop)

Firstly, you need to download the APK file in the same way I discussed for Android above. After its download, follow the below-mentioned steps to install it for Gameloop.

  1. Open Gameloop Emulator
  2. Go to the “My Games” option
  3. Select “others” from the Installed section on the left side under installed games
  4. Click on the “Add an App” option on the top right corner
  5. Select the 1.3 Beta Update APK file
  6. Let the installation complete
  7. Open PUBG Mobile from the My Games section
  8. Download Resource Packs
  9. Open Guest Account and enjoy!

Here below are the answers to your frequently asked questions related to PUBG 1.3 Beta Update.

Is Beta Invitation mandatory to download PUBG Beta 1.3?

No, an In-Game beta invitation is not required to download PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta Update. PUBG Mobile lifts off this condition. Before lifting this condition, the player has to get a Beta Invitation in the In-Game Mail section to download it.

Do I have to download Resources and Maps again?

Yes, you need to download all of your resources and maps again. A new map is also going to be a part of this Beta Update named Karakin.


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