How to get PUBG Free M416 Glacier Skin?


M416 is an assault rifle in PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) which uses 5.56mm ammo and there is a special glacier skin for it. There are several other skins available too for M416 but the M416 glacier is the most famous one. So, today I will be sharing the ways to get M416 glacier skin for FREE. So, let’s get started and check the ways to get the glacier skin of M416 in Player.

Best Ways to get M416 Glacier Skin in PUBG for FREE

I have been playing PUBG Mobile since its season 2 and have from that time to till now I have found some ways to get this excellent skin for FREE.

  • Open Classic Crates
  • Use Redeem Code
  • Keep Checking In-Game Events

Open Classic Crate

You might say that “Hey, You! I already know that M416 is in Classic Crates” but let me tell you that you can really get M416 glacier skin by opening free classic crates. You do not get classic crate coupons every day for FREE from PUBG Mobile but in another way, you get it too. You can complete your achievements to get free classic crate coupons. And, do not ever try to open these crate coupons individually because in this way you will lose your chance to free M416 glacier skin.

You might be thinking, “Is completing achievements the only way to get classic crate coupons?” Well, no this is not the only way to get these crates. You can buy classic crate coupons for free by exchanging some silver fragments. Go to the Shop> Redeem and scroll to the bottom of the page so that you may see Classic and Premium Crate Coupons. You can exchange 100 silver fragments to buy 5 silver or premium crate coupons. Once you successfully get 10 classic crate coupons, you can combine them to get 1 silver crate. You have to gather silver crates in this way and after having a reasonable amount, just open them one by one.

How to maximize your chances to get FREE M416 Glacier Skin from Classic Crates? PUBG Mobile does not reveal their algorithm working behind the process and such other platforms also do not. But, there are some of the proven techniques that can increase your chances of free M416 skin from classic crates. Here below are some of the points to get FREE M416 Skin from Classic Crates.

  1. Open Classic Crates in Bulk
  2. Do not press “Skip” before the Airdrop drops
  3. Play TDMs with M416 before doing crate opening

Are these tricks proven by me? Well, I never used these tricks and do not approve these too to work for sure. There are chances for these to work for some PUBG players. If I can remember, I was just opening my 3 classic crates and I got this glacier skin for FREE from only 3 classic crates. So, it is better to try your luck instead of searching for tricks that may work or not.

Use Redeem Code (PUBG M416 Glacier Skin Redeem Codes)

You might have seen some videos explaining to get M416 Glacier Skin for Free by just entering the redeeming code. Let me tell you that everything showing such content is fake. You may get some special redeem codes from PUBG Mobile and its partners when you make some of the in-game purchases. Such redeem code was once released by PUBG Mobile for a specific region to claim M416 glacier skin for free. But, it has been long to see that redeem code and there is nothing like that offered till now.

In-Game Events

PUBG Mobile announced different events for different regions and countries. You might be lucky enough to get such event right into your game so that you can claim free M416 glacier skin too. A long time ago there was an event in Turkey region of PUBG Mobile where players had to complete the mission to claim M416 glacier skin. This event was not available for all players from same region and country. So, it is wise to keep checking the events in PUBG Mobile.

FAQ about FREE M416 Glacier Skin in PUBG Mobile

How much does it cost to get M416 Glacier Skin?

M416 Glacier is an exclusive but free skin in PUBG Mobile. It is available in classic crates for every player in PUBG but rarely players get success in getting this skin. You can open free classic crates and check if you can get this skin for free. You can also buy some Unknown Cash- UC to open classic crates till you get this skin. You can buy this upgradeable skin of M416 directly either by cash or unknown cash. You have to open classic crates as much as you succeed in getting glacier skin. Generally, it may cost you 10,000 to 22,000 UC to get M416 glacier skin.

What is the PUBG M416 Glacier Skin redeem code?

There is no redeem code currently available for PUBG Mobile players to get M416 glacier skin. Keep checking your region PUBG Mobile social media activity so that you may get a chance to get M416 glacier skin in case you a valid redeem code.


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