PUBG Mobile: Top 7 Locations for Loot in Livik


Do you want to play PUBG Mobile to increase your K/D? Well, Livik is the map where you can play PUBG fast and mostly you can be a winner within 15 minutes.

But, to play at your best you need to have good loot in PUBG Mobile. So, I will spot the top 7 locations for loot in Livik map. Whenever I went to one of these 7 locations, I never got disappointed. You can easily find your favorite loot in these locations while playing a classic match in Livik.

Top 7 Locations in Livik for Loot

Here below is the list of top 7 locations in Livik Map to find good loot.

  1. Power Plant
  2. Ice Berg & Hot Spring
  3. Midstein
  4. Lumber Yard
  5. Blomster
  6. Gronhus
  7. Shipyard

#1: Power Plant

Power Plant is the best place to loot very fast in Livik. You can find your favorite loot here instantly and then can rush at your enemies. One great thing about Power Plant I like is, It is very easy to loot in a very short time. You can find guns like M416, M762, DP-28, SCAR-L, AKM, KAR98k, etc.

Is it worth to land on Power Plant in Livik?

Yes, if you want to get good loot in a very short time then you need to land on Power Plant in Livik while playing Classic Match in PUBG Mobile. It is also a hot spot in Livik and if it is near the landing way then you should also expect enemies to land here.

#2: Ice Berg & Hot Spring

Ice Berg and Hot Spring are added on the second spot because you can find good loot here too and it is very easy to loot in both of these locations. There is one main building in Ice Berg where it is quite easy to get loot. You can walk around the building and also inside of it to loot this building completely. There are some other small buildings in Ice Berg where you can loot but I will not recommend looting these small buildings if you have a very short time.

Similarly, Hot Spring is my favorite place when I want to play safe and doing Rank Push in PUBG Mobile. But, there is one disadvantage, mostly Play Zone is created away from this area. So, if you want to land on the spot where you can expect Play Zone then I will not recommend you to land over here.

#3: Midstein

Are you a good camper in PUBG Mobile? Do you want to be in the Play Zone from start to end? If your answer is yes to these questions then you can choose Midstein. You can have good loot here but looting this area is time-consuming and a bit difficult.

If Midstein is near the landing way then you can expect 2-3 squads here in this area. Getting into the main building of Midstein is also a golden chance and you can have a view of your enemies easily by standing on its roof.

Is Midstein a good place to land in Livik?

Yes, if your concern is to get more and more kills in a classic match and you want to boost your K/D then definitely you can consider Midstein. If your plane is flying quite near the Midstein then you can get 3-5 kills easily at the start of the game. You can also get good loot if you are able to get in the Main Building.
For any unexpected moment, you can also get a vehicle to run which you can always find in the garage next to the main building.

#4: Lumber Yard

Are you a Rank Pusher? Or, do you want to play safely in PUBG Mobile while choosing Livik? If yes, I will recommend you to land on Lumber Yard. There are many reasons for landing on Lumber Yard. Some of them are,

  1. A very few people come here. You can play safe if you are pushing your rank.
  2. You can get good loot and like Hot Spring this place is open which makes it easy to loot.
  3. You can get a lot for your health here like Adrenaline Syringe, Med Kit, First Aid Kit, Energy Drink, and Painkiller.
  4. If Play Zone is away from you, you can easily reach there by using the vehicle. You can find a UAZ on the side of the road here in Lumber Yard and it makes it easy to reach Play Zone.

#5: Blomster

No one likes to loot small buildings because it is time-consuming and people want to loot buildings fast. Blomster is also such a great place to get good loot in a short time. Blomster always stays a bit away from the Airplane Way, so you can expect less enemies here.

It is not difficult to loot this area but not as easy as Power Plant, Hot Spring, or Lumber Yard. There are also small buildings but it is worth searching these to find get good loot.

#6: Gronhus

Do you want a mixed experience? I mean, do you want to get good loot and also want to have a high number of kills? Gronhus is the place to land for if your answer is yes.

There are many Hogan here where you can enter and loot them. Meanwhile, you can expect some enemies and bots here. They will help you to increase your K/D. You can loot them in a short time and also can fight with your enemies here easily. These small huts also provide good cover to you. You can easily take a fight here.

#7: Shipyard

This is another great place for rank pushers. You can also see a similar place to Shipyard in Livik which is East Port. But, I will say it is easy to loot Shipyard than East Port. There are containers here in the Shipyard which makes it easy to loot. Moreover, there is a ship where you can get loot.

You also need a vehicle every time you land here because this place always remains out of Play Zone. Mostly, you can find a vehicle on the road here in Shipyard and you do not need to search for the vehicle. But, if there is no vehicle on the road then make sure to arrange a vehicle also to reach the Play Zone quickly.

Common Questions & Answers

Where can I get Sniper in PUBG Mobile map Livik?

If you want a sniper rifle (M24, KAR98k, AWM) then you need to search some specific spots. AWM can only be found in Ari-drop. But, you can find others in Reeds, Power Plant, Waterfall, and Hot Spring. Usually, there is a sniper rifle in Power Plant but if you can not find it here then you can loot other mentioned places. There are some crates in Reeds, Waterfall, and Hot Spring. And, in these crates, you can find XT weapons. M24 can be one of those XT weapons.

Where can I get Monster Truck in Livik?

There is no fixed location of Monster Truck in Livik. But, you can easily find a Monster Truck by just searching a little bit if you are lucky enough. The best locations to find a Monster Truck in Livik are, near buildings on the South of Reeds and the West of Reeds. You can get a Monster Truck in most of the cases here. Other than this, searching around Power Plant will also make you able to find a Monster Truck.


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