PUBG Corp. Announces PUBG: New State Game


Everyone knows the popularity of the PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) game and PUBG Corp. has something more to offer to Esports Players. Although, PUBG Mobile provides extensive features as the best battle royale game PUBG Corp. does not see its future only in this game.

PUBG Corp. announced PUBG: New State, a futuristic game based in the era of 2051 under Ver.

PUBG: New State Developers

PUBG: New State is developed by PUBG Corp. and this game is maintained by the head of this company KRAFTON INC. based in South Korea. And, this new game does not have anything shared with Tencent.

PUBG: New State Map

There are no official details available right now about PUBG: New State except its trailer. And, at the very start of the trailer, you can see the text TROI 2051. This may indicate the new map that is going to be introduced in PUBG: New State and it is named “TROI”.

PUBG Corp. is naming it as the future of the current PUBG Mobile game. So, you may see this fiction game based in 2051 with quite realistic animations and scenes.

PUBG: New State Release Date

PUBG: New State release date is not announced officially, yet. But, as its Pre-Order has started now on Google Play Store and one can click on it to pre-order it for FREE.

PUBG: New State release in India, Pakistan, Germany, Singapore, and all over the world is expected in March 2021. So, you may say March 2021, the release date for PUBG: New State.

How to Pre-Register

This game is available for Pre-Register on Play Store where users need a Google Account to sign in and then can Pre-Register it for its initial release.

Follow these steps given below for its pre-registration,

  1. Create a new Google Account (Skip it if you already have one)
  2. Sign-in to Play Store (Skip it if you are already signed-in)
  3. Search “PUBG: New State” or follow this link
  4. Click on “Pre-Register”

By following these simple steps, you can pre-register for PUBG: New State initial release.

Pre-Register Reward

It is officially announced that all users will get permanent vehicle skin who will pre-register it before its official release. And, under this, the image of a modern car is showing much like Lamborghini. As this game is going to be very advance so you can expect such modern cars in it.

Official Trailer

Here below is the official trailer of PUBG: New State,

And, here are the answers to your frequently asked questions.

What are the countries where PUBG: New State is not available until now?

As there is no official release of PUBG: New State except its Pre-Registration on Google Play Store. Currently, users from India, China, and Vietnam can not pre-register it. So, we may say currently PUBG: New State is not available in China, India, and Vietnam. Or maybe, a special variant will come to these countries.

What are the PUBG: New State requirements?

Currently, it is only showing varies on its official Play Store page. But, as per its High Graphics and realistic scenes, we can estimate that Mobile Phones having Ram more than 2 GB and Android Versions above 6.0 would be able to install it.


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