PUBG Season 18: Release Date, RP Rewards & other Leaks


Currently, players in PUBG Mobile are striving to complete the missions and reach the highest RP they can in season 17. And, some players are currently interested in increasing their tier as much as they can. Most of the players want to reach the ACE tier to get S17 Name Title, Tag & Parachute skin.

I am on ACE tier with 1 start (Can you tell me your tier in comments?)

And, you need to make it fast because season 17 is going to end soon and you will not be able to increase your RP once it is locked by PUBG Mobile for the launch of season 18.

Here I am going to share some leaks of PUBG Mobile Season 18 and its expected release date. I am sharing this data that belongs totally to my expectation, it is not the official one.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Release Date

PUBG Mobile has not announced any official notice of the season 18 release yet. But, due to some leaks and their previous history, PUBG Mobile is going to release season 18 somewhere from March 18 to March 22. Obviously, before the release of season 18, season 17 will end and all of your progress in tiers or RP will get locked probably on March 16, 2021.

If you are looking to complete 100 RP in season 17 then make sure you have it before March 16.

PUBG Update 1.3

With the launch of season 18, PUBG is also going to release another update after 1.2. This PUBG update will come with the new season 18 and also bring some amazing features to the game.

You can expect a new map (Karakin) in this update with new guns and vehicles. PUBG Update 1.3 will be released immediately after the launch of season 18. So, a player must have to download the update to play PUBG Mobile with season 18.

Season 18 | 1 to 100 RP Rewards

There are different Season RP Rewards for FREE and Royal Pass purchased players. If you will purchase Royal Pass during the PUBG Mobile season 18, you will enjoy more Skins, Emotes, Dresses, etc.

Up till now, following leaks are here for you that you are going to enjoy in S18 RP Rewards,

Season 18 RP Skins Reward

You will get following skins of Guns, Parachutes, Grande, Buggy, etcetera in S18 RP rewards,

  • AUG A3 Skin (Unlocks at RP 90)
  • SLR Skin- Night Dancer (Unlocks at early)
  • Buggy Skin- Pink and Blue Harmony
  • VSS Skin
  • Helmet Skin
  • Backpack Skin- Night Assembled
  • Emote- Friends Forever
  • Emote- String Ensemble
  • Plane Skin- Pink and Blue Harmony Finish
  • Smoke Grande Skin
  • Stomping Beat Set
  • Heavenly Cadence Set
  • Electronica Hearts Set
  • String Ensemble Set- Mythic Suite
  • S18 Avatar Frame

These are some of the RP Rewards that are expected in PUBG Mobile Season 18. Now, let’s have a look at the new Mythic Suites and Skins that are going to be included in S18.

S18 New Skins and Mythic Suites

Other than S18 RP Rewards, there are many fantastic mythic suites and skins that are going to be included in Season 18. Skins of Dacia, UAZ are also included.

To check the complete mythic suites and skins of S18, check this video out.

Let’s have some of your common questions answered here.

What is the release date of PUBG Season 18?

PUBG Season 18 release date is not announced officially, yet. But, it is expected that Season 18 will be released between March 18 to March 22.

Is it worth to buy PUBG Season 18 Royal Pass?

Yes, there are a lot of skins and mythic suites that are included in the PUBG Mobile S18 Royal Pass. Also, there are some RP Rewards for FREE users but players who will purchase the Royal Pass, get some more amazing rewards there with special perks.

When PUBG Mobile Season 17 is going to end?

The ending date of Season 17 is also not announced officially, yet. It is expected that S17 will end on March 16, 2021, and all of your RP along with your current tier get locked before the release of S18.

Comment here below the name of Skin or Mythic Suite that you liked most, Let’s talk.


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