PUGB disqualifies teams from PMCO 2021 for rules violation


PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2021 was announced by PUBG Mobile officials to 27 regions and there was the massive contribution of teams of PRO players. To keep this whole tournament fair, there were some rules and regulations announced.

A team breaking those rules or not fulfilling the requirements was decided to be eliminated from PMCO 2021.

Teams disqualified from Bangladesh PMCO 2021

PUBG Mobile Esports decided to eliminate two teams from Bangladesh PMCO 2021 on February 20, 2021.

Name of two disqualified teams from Bangladesh PMCO 2021 were,


And, the reason for their disqualification was “use of third party software” (that was not allowed as per the rules and regulations).

Disqualified Teams from Wildcard South Asia

On February 20, PUBG Mobile Esports officially announced the elimination of five teams from the Wildcard South Asia region in PMCO 2021.

Name of those five teams were,

  1. The Rusher
  2. The Smokers
  4. KOF97
  5. K9999

And, the reason for these teams disqualification was “Player/Team does not meet the residential qualification”.

Teams disqualified from Pakistan PMCO 2021

On February 20, two teams from Pakistan were disqualified by breaking the aforesaid rules and regulations. Those two teams were,

  1. Fyme Esports

And, the reason for first-team elimination was “player/team participated in two regions” and for the latter one was “player/team didn’t meet the residential qualification”.

And, on February 21, three more teams were qualified from Pakistan PMCO 2021. List of those teams and reasons for disqualifications are given below,

  1. C4GAMING (Player/ Team competing with the suspended player)
  2. THE ROYALS (Player/ Team competing with the suspended player)
  3. TEAM RETRIBUTIONX110 (Player/ Team did not follow security measurements as required by ruleset)


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