PUBG Mobile: How to report a Hacker or Cheater


There is always a war between good and bad. As a thing get more and more popular, more attraction it gets from all kind of people. A Hacker tries to find something different and that is the case with PUBG Mobile.

At the start, PUBG Mobile security was not so high and it was a golden chance for bad people to exploit it. They created several third-party applications that enhance the features and provide you more power to defeat your enemies in a way.

PUBG Mobile Cheats & Hacks

There are different kinds of third-party applications and software that people use to cheat the people in PUBG Mobile. Some of those applications and software list are given below,

  1. Sharpshooter
  2. King Mod
  3. King Brutal etc.

And, following are some PUBG Mobile Cheats that are offered commonly by third-party tools,

  1. Wall Hack
  2. Speed Hack
  3. Aimbot
  4. No Foot-Steps
  5. ESP
  6. Location Hack
  7. High Jump
  8. Flying Vehicles
  9. Underwater Gunshot
  10. Auto-Headshot (Magic Shot)
  11. No-Recoil
  12. Ammo Hack

3 ways to report a player using Hacks & Cheats

Here below are the top three ways to report a hacker in PUBG Mobile. When you are playing PUBG and enjoying it suddenly one come and kill you which seems totally impossible. In that case, you presume it a hacker and you need to report it so that PUBG Corp. may take action against it. Here below are the top three ways to report a hacker in PUBG Mobile,

  1. In-Game Report option (Highly recommended)
  2. In-Game Customer Service
  3. Report by sending Email

1. In-Game Report Option

When you are sure about your opponent that he/she is using cheats then you need to report it and the fastest way is to click on the “Report” button on the bottom side of your screen.

After that click on “Cheating” as you can see below,

PUBG Report Options

Now you need to select the cheats that your opponent player was using and you can also explain briefly to make your report strong.

PUBG Corp. receives a huge number of reports every day and each report is investigated properly. You will get a response back if the player was really using cheats in your In-Game mail section something like this.

PUBG Response Back on Player Report

2. In-Game Customer Service

You can contact In-Game Customer Support also if there is some serious kind of issue.

Go to Setting>Basic

And, there you can find Customer Service option to contact related to your issue that you faced during playing game.

3. Sending Report by Email

You can contact PUBG Mobile Customer Support right here ( to create a support ticket. And, also you may send the email to [email protected].

If you have video recording of the player, that’s a great addition.

  1. Add a Player User ID
  2. Explain how the player (you are reporting) looks suspicious
  3. Attach Video Recording (Not more than 20 MB)
  4. Wait for the response

After how much time a report is proceeded?

Usually, you get a response back from PUBG Mobile after 1-2 days. But in extreme conditions, it may take up to 15 days. As soon as your report is investigated and the player is found of using cheats, you will get a notification in the In-Game mail section.

Can I report more than one player in PUBG Mobile at same time?

Yes, you can report multiple players in PUBG, even a complete squad. If you found something suspicious in your whole of the opponent squad, you may report them one by one by the aforesaid method.

Does PUBG really ban a Hacker who uses cheats?

Your PUBG Gameplay is controlled by an automated system and it has now become very strong due to recent PUBG Mobile updates. But, still, there are people who can use cheats and can not be caught by that automated system. So, you need to report it and if a player is found using the cheat, he will definitely get banned.



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